State of the Map 2021 took place online from July 9 to 11 2021. We have created an exciting program with you – the OpenStreetMap community. The conference was held on the amazing virtual platform venueless, featuring a video-stream of talks, panels, lightning talks and Q&A sessions. Additionally, there were chat rooms for discussions and virtual sponsor booths, as well as interactive breakout sessions booked by groups of mutual interest or used without prior planning.

Academic Track

The 2021 edition of the academic track featured nine scientific talks on Sunday: five talks in the early time block in the main track, and four additional sessions in a breakout room in the later time block. These talks are indicated with a 🎓 symbol below.

Proceedings of the Academic Track

The academic committee published the conference track's proceedings on zenodo under the following link: Access to each single abstract (which has its own doi) is also possible from this Zenodo community: There you can find the short papers of all academic talks of this year's state of the map, as well as an editorial written by the scientific committee.

Friday – July 9

Time (UTC) Track 1 - Talks Track 2 - Panels and Workshops no recording
10:00 Opening
SotM Working Group
10:20 Map-Less Map Editors
Ilya Zverev
10:45 Journey to improving the Navigation experience for Grab Driver partners using OSM
Jinal Foflia, aparna alla
11:30 From global to local OSM mapping, CartONG’s overall OSM based strategy to support humanitarian response in refugee camp
Martin Noblecourt, Manon Viou, Olivier Ribiere
Identifying Unmapped Highway in OSM
Yantisa Akhadi, Emiliani Dewi
12:15 MapaTanda: Mapping for and with the Ageing Population
Kris Libunao
13:00 3D Rendering with OSM2World
Tobias Knerr
13:45 break
15:00 OSM data: Privacy Risks and GDPR compliance
Robert Riemann
Ethical Mapping with and for People Living with Vulnerability
Courtney Clark
15:45 Boundaries, Places and the Future of Tagging
Sarah Hoffmann
16:30 Introduction and review of MapComplete
Pieter Vander Vennet
17:15 Makina Maps
Frédéric Rodrigo
Why Does Sexism within OpenStreetMap Matter?
Airin Akter, Courtney Clark
18:00 Lightning Talks I
SotM Working Group
18:45 break
20:00 Linting the map together: Collaborations of Mapbox Data RAVE and OpenStreetMap Communities
Vlada Boitsik
OpenStreetMap & Governments Around the World
The Local Chapters and Communities Working Group
20:45 Improving OSM Data in Coastal Communities
Monica Brandeis

Saturday – July 10

Time (UTC) Track 1 - Talks Track 2 - Panels and Workshops no recording
10:00 How to map a city's public transport during a pandemic
Christoph Hanser
Exploring Sound maps using OpenStreetMap data and FOSS through MANILAud: Metro Manila Soundscapes
Andi Tabinas, Jewel Templonuevo
10:45 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Frederik Ramm
11:30 Collection and use of data about entrances of buildings
Tuukka Hastrup, Johan Lindqvist
12:15 Mapping unmapped towns in Turkey by building and enlarging OpenStreetMap Turkey community
Said Turksever, Oğuzhan Er
Tobias Knerr, Guillaume Rischard, Allan Mustard, R. A. McCann, Jean-Marc Liotier
13:00 Lightning Talks II
SotM Working Group
13:45 break
15:00 How StreetComplete handles edits
Tobias Zwick
Imports and Bulk Edits, Community Style: MapRoulette Cooperative Challenges
Martijn van Exel
15:45 News from osm2pgsql
Jochen Topf
16:30 Mapping Heritage in Ireland - A Journey
Anne-Karoline Distel
17:15 MapLibre - community driven Mapbox GL fork
Petr Pridal
Feedback on building OSM communities in the south
Nathalie SIDIBE
18:00 OpenStreetMap and the neglected pedestrian
Edoardo Neerhut
18:45 break
20:00 OpenStreetMap Standard Layer: Who uses it?
Paul Norman
Paid-Editing, Open Datasets, and AI-Mapping Tools: A Panel Discussion with Corporations Active in OpenStreetMap
Jennings Anderson
20:45 Community growth: What we learned about improving the membership and diversity of OSM Kenya through the community impact microgrants.
Laura Mugeha

Sunday – July 11

Time (UTC) Track 1 - Talks Track 2 - Panels and Workshops no recording
10:00 NLMaps Web: A Natural Language Interface to OpenStreetMap  🎓
Simon Will
Acquire and visualise OSM data with R
Stéphane Guillou
10:45 What has machine learning ever done for us?  🎓
Peter Mooney
11:30 Towards a framework for measuring local data contribution in OpenStreetMap  🎓
Maxwell Owusu
12:15 Community Interactions in OSM editing  🎓
Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar
Understanding the map - OSM-Carto map reading Q&A
Christoph Hormann
13:00 Towards understanding the temporal accuracy of OpenStreetMap: A quantitative experiment  🎓
Levente Juhász
13:45 break
15:00 Dealing with Quantity vs Quality
Enock Seth Nyamador
A proposal for a QGIS Plugin for Spatio-temporal analysis of OSM data quality: the case study for the city of Salvador, Brazil  🎓
Elias Nasr Naim Elias
15:45 Lightning Talks III
SotM Working Group
Introducing OpenStreetMap User Embeddings: Promising Steps Toward Automated Vandalism and Community Detection  🎓
Jennings Anderson, Yinxiao Li
16:30 A new map renderer for OSM? Rasters, vectors, language and internationalization
Brandon Liu
An Automated Approach to Identifying Corporate Editing Activity in OpenStreetMap  🎓
Veniamin Veselovsky
17:15 Overpass API since 10 years
Dr. Roland Olbricht
Involvement of OpenStreetMap in European H2020 Projects  🎓
Damien Graux, Thibaud Michel
18:00 Why OSM is not known more widely - about consequences of not enforcing attribution requirements
Mateusz Konieczny
18:45 break
20:00 Building a global outdoor map
Jiri Komarek
Making your own MapComplete theme
Pieter Vander Vennet
20:45 A/B Street: Using OSM for transportation advocacy
Dustin Carlino
21:30 Closing
SotM Working Group

Self organized sessions

Besides the main programme of SotM we offer space for self-organized sessions. A lot of topics are well placed in smaller rounds. The only requirement that we have to your topic is that it has to be related to OpenStreetMap. We use a dedicated OSM wiki page for the organization of such sessions so that everybody is able to jump in without any larger formal barrier. The only requirements we have is that the participants have a conference ticket which grants them access to the conference platform that we use and that they abide to the SotM Code of Conduct.

Interested in joining a self organized session? Take a look at the list of planned sessions in out breakout rooms.