Imports and Bulk Edits, Community Style: MapRoulette Cooperative Challenges

Room: Track 2 - Panels and Workshops

Saturday, 15:00 UTC
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Martijn van Exel

What if you could combine the best parts of data imports, bulk edits and the power of the OSM community? MapRoulette lets you do this with two new Challenge types: Tag Change Challenges and Cooperative Challenges. With a Tag Change Challenge, you can propose one or more tag changes on existing OSM features. Mappers simply need to confirm the changes from right within MapRoulette. With a Cooperative Challenge, each Task is a pre-made OSM Change that gets pre-loaded in JOSM, where mappers can easily confirm the edits. In this Workshop, MapRoulette creator Martijn van Exel will show you how these Challenge types work, and how you can create them.