Call for Posters

Submit a poster today!

Our first virtual poster exhibition during SotM 2020 was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated. Building on this and previous State of the Map culture, we love to hear and see what have been done with OpenStreetMap, so we invite you to participate in our poster exhibition for the virtual State of the Map 2021.

Your poster could show how well your home region is mapped, or it could be a beautiful new style or map. It might focus on a community project, academic research or statistics, or a poster explaining and inviting people to OpenStreetMap. Everything about and related to OSM is always welcome! For inspiration, see SotM 2020 posters.

Rules for submission

  • Poster should be for A0 size (841×1189 mm)
  • Poster should be related to OpenStreetMap
  • Poster should be open, innovative and transparent (no-copying)
  • Poster must be your own work (individual, team or institution)
  • Poster should be under open licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0 or later recommended or CC0)
  • Maximum 2 entries per person, team or institution

How to enter

  • Upload your poster via
  • File size maximum 30-40 MB
  • Format PDF
  • Please send an email to with a description of your poster, for the example the background of the project or whatever you find important to mention in the context of the poster – all what you would tell people if you show them your poster. We will publish this text together with the poster at the SotM website.
  • Please mention also the filename of the uploaded poster in that email, so that we could know which of the uploaded posters is yours.


  • Deadline: 27 June 2021

The SotM team hopes to shortlist up to 20 posters that will be published on our website and some other SotM channels under CC BY SA 3.0 (or later).