Understanding the map - OSM-Carto map reading Q&A

Room: Track 2 - Panels and Workshops

Sunday, 12:15 UTC
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Christoph Hormann

This is going to be an interactive session where participants can submit case examples (in the form of links to specific examples on the map - on the wiki or on a pad) to be discussed. The focus of the discussion will be on explaining the design of the map and what cartographic and technical considerations stand behind it.

The aim is for participants - both newcomers and experienced mappers - to better learn how to read the map, to better understand the cartographic and social challenges of designing a rich, global, real time updated map based on OpenStreetMap data for a truly diverse international and multi-cultural audience and hopefully to get some participants more interested in community map design and to encourage them to either contribute to OSM-Carto or to contribute to or start their own regional or thematic map design projects.

Secondary goal of the session is for OSM-Carto developers to better understand where the map is difficult to read intuitively for the OSM community.

Links for further background information: